We do all the work for You!

The IRS form 1042-S is issued to players and is also sent to the IRS by the Casino for certain gambling winnings. US Tax Recovery works to secure Casino Tax Refunds for Canadians and other non US Citizens who have had gambling taxes withheld by the IRS. We will recover gambling taxes withheld for the following:

  • Winnings of $600.00 or more from state lotteries and other wagering transactions, in which the winnings are at least the amount of the wager.
  • Winnings of $1,200.00 or more from bingo and slot machines.
  • Winnings of $1,500.00 or more from keno.
  • Winnings of $600.00 or more from horse racing, dog racing or jai alai.
  • Poker winnings.

US Tax Recovery will complete the necessary forms and submit them to the appropriate agencies, on your behalf. With three easy steps, US Tax Recovery will work for you in order to recover the 30% withholding tax you were obliged to pay on your winnings.

All you have to do is sit back and leave the work to us. We work for you, making sure that you receive the money to which you are entitled.