Casino Tax Services

At US Tax Recovery we specialize in efficient and expedited Withholding Tax Recovery. If you won at a Casino and had to pay the 30% Withholding Tax by the IRS, we can help you recover it. Our Withholding Tax Recovery Services entail that we take care of all your casino tax refund requirements whether it is pertaining to ITIN application, arranging for the 1042 s form or ensuring the w7 form ITIN is submitted to the IRS as well as ensuring speedy Casino Tax Refunds,

Eligibility Consultation

One of our Withholding Tax Recovery Services consists of a Free consultation to see if you are eligible for us tax refund. If you are a Canadian or a Non US resident you may be exempt from paying any tax by the IRS from your gambling winnings.

The first step is to contact USTR and speak to one of our CPAs to see if you are eligible for your Casino Tax Refund. Games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Big-6 wheel etc should be Tax exempt for Canadians and Non US residents.

Application for ITIN

US Tax Recovery will help with your ITIN application and get your winnings back within 8 to 12 weeks. not having an ITIN form can result in a longer process by up to 18 weeks.

The 1042 S Form

The 1042 S forms are what needs to be submitted for a US Tax Recovery from the IRS. If you have won at a Casino and had your Winnings Withheld because of the IRS Tax, the casino will provide you with a 1042 S form to help Recovery your Gambling Winnings.

If you have lost or misplaced the 1042 s form, we can get another one for you on your behalf. This is an additional service, which we provide at no extra charge. Once we get this 1042 s form, we submit it to the IRS along with necessary documentation and your application will be processed.

Our Guarantee

At US Tax Recovery our Guarantee is that we only charge you a fee once you receive your US Tax Casino Refund. No surprises and additional fees once you get your winnings back.

Contact us today and let us help you.