US Tax Recovery Important Links

Below are several links that US Tax Recovery thought may be of use to Canadians travelling to the US to gamble. Some are US Government links disclosing the tax laws of that country and others are Canadian Government links alerting Canadians to their rights as Canadian citizens.

US Government Links

Reciprocal Links

Not only will US Tax Recovery recoup the 30% withholding tax, we will also recover the State Taxes most visitors to the United States must pay on certain game winnings exceeding $1,200.00.

Casino Tax Refund for Canadians, we will prepare all of the necessary documentation required by the government ensuring that the Internal Revenue Service refunds all of the taxes you are entitled to on your gaming winnings.

US Tax Recovery will put YOUR cash back into YOUR pocket. No Refund – No Fee’s so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us now to get your gambling winnings tax back.