Recover Casino Taxes

Residents of other countries who come to the United States to gamble may be entitled to a US gambling tax refund. The gambling tax refund returns to you the amount of money withheld from your win at the casino itself. If you’ve won more than $1200 at a legal US casino, 30% of that money comes directly off the top, paid as gambling tax to the IRS. This happens whether or not you are a US citizen, but those of us who are citizens of another country may not actually be obligated to pay this tax. In order to qualify for a refund, you must have made your win within the last three years, and be able to prove that you were a resident of another country at the time of the win. You will need to have proper documentation of your citizenship, your residency, and the amount of money paid in gambling taxes to the IRS.

Trying to obtain a refund can be tricky for non-US residents, who will not be familiar with the system and may not, in fact, realize they are entitled to a refund at all. This is where US gambling tax recovery professionals come in. These professionals will work with you, explaining the steps required to obtain your refund, and helping you to produce the required documentation, including a copy of your win slip if you happen not to have kept it. It is well worth your while to engage the services of a tax recovery firm – even 30% of $1200 is a sizable sum, and larger casino wins can be considerably more than that. A tax recovery firm can also help you to obtain your refund more quickly; the US government does not move quickly, especially when they’re called upon to return tax money, and so anything that can speed the process along will save you valuable time.

Resource: If you won at a US casino and had money withheld, you may be entitled to a gambling tax refund, provided you are not a US citizen. You can use a tax recovery firm to help you get that refund. Visit US Tax Recovery to see how.